Here are a few ideas for keeping your group busy and entertained while they are in Hastings. 


If you have transportation and your group is excited to get out and about here are a few places you should be sure to stop. 


Local experts can be found on a variety of topics to entertain and enlighten your group. 


How about we spice things up? Here is a list of musicians, theatre troups and small ensembles that are ready to entertain. 

  • Places to eat

    Hastings’ restaurants offer delicious and fun-filled dining experiences.

  • Places to stay

    Hastings’ offers comfortable, friendly lodging for business travelers and families.

  • Things to do

    From festivals and outdoor activities to shopping and dining, there’s plenty to do.

  • View map

    Making a trip to Hastings? Our visitor info map makes it easy to get where you are going.