Art Tours

Eckhardt's Grocery Store Mural 
The building which once housed Eckhardt's Grocery Store still stands at (100 East South Street). A mural was painted on the side of the building to depict the family life of Germans from Russia. To avoid political persecution, they immigrated to America in the years from 1800-1920 and many settled in southeast Hastings. They had lived in Russia for 20 years and were hard-working, frugal people. Many of their basic necessities were purchased in this store, which was built by Henry O. Eckhardt.

Groups are welcome to stop and see the mural at any time. Presentations by Donna Grothen are available upon request. Donna is an ancestor of Henry Eckhardt.

"Working Together Toward a People's Art" - East Side Boulevard Mural
Painted alongside the Pioneer Spirit Hike & Bike Trail, between 2nd and 7th Street this 210' foot long mural explores the community process that takes place behind the scenes before painting begins. Each vignette highlights a different part of the process from initial research to drawing to projecting the design, and features many of Hastings' design team members. Special details include local artist Dave Stewart holding up the mural's magic mirror, prehistoric fish from the Hastings Museum and a colorful evocation of the Fisher Rainbow Fountain.

Tour of Bronzes
In Hastings you will find over 30 bronze statues showcasing Hastings' love for art. Statues are located in 3 primary locations. Brochures are available at the Visitors Center with locations and descriptions for each of the statues for self-guided tours.
• Downtown Hastings - 2nd Street east of Burlington
• Hastings College - Located on the east side of town between 7th and 12th Street
• Hastings Museum – just off of Burlington at 14th Street

Tour of Galleries
Graham Gallery (617 West Second St)
The Graham Gallery presents an assortment of shows by local artists throughout the year. The gallery also includes a retail section where art in a variety of mediums is available for purchase.
Hastings College Art Gallery (710 N Turner Avenue)
This 800 square foot art gallery features approximately eight exhibitions per year featuring college students, notable regional artists, and nationally recognized artists.Open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m
Jorn Olsen Photography Gallery (726 W 2nd Street)
(402) 463-2555 or (402) 462-2811
Featuring the work of Hastings' photographer Jorn Olsen. The gallery includes 350 framed landscape and nature photographs. The gallery is open limited hours on the weekends and on Thursday evenings but special arrangements can be made for your group.

Presentations by the gallery owners and artists are available upon request. Special arrangements can be made for wine tastings or special receptions at the galleries for your group.


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